Adoption Application for Dogs

Please fill in the form and click the “Send it off” button at the bottom or print it out and bring it to the Shelter when you visit (use Shrink to Fit option when printing). Fill in everything you can, and note that info in red is required.

Tell us about your home:

Why do you want to adopt? (check all that apply)

Do you plan on crating the dog?  

Dog Experience:  

Any other pets at home?  

Are your pets neutered or spayed? 

Has your current pet ever lived with a dog? 


Were they spayed or neutered?  

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter?

Home inspection and references may be required.

Please be aware that everyone who will be living with the dog on a full time and part time basis will need to meet the dog prior to adopting. A dog makes consider­able demands on your time and resources. Dog owners need to spend time walking, grooming, training, and playing with their dog each day. All dogs require special food and regular vet care and many dogs require training. Are you prepared to accept the personal and financial responsibility for a dog?

A dog adoption fee is $300. This includes a rabies and distemper shot, spaying or neutering, and a seasonal heartworm test.

Please note:  We ask all adopters to show a current driver’s license for identification purposes. If you own a home, we ask to see a copy of a tax bill confirming ownership. If you rent, we must have written permission from your landlord that animals are allowed on the premises. We are exercising due diligence for the welfare of our animals and hope this won’t make the adoption process too onerous.

Also: If you are going to adopt from us and you have a dog, you have to bring in the dog license to show us.

If you do not get a response within 48 hours, you should call the shelter (781 631-8664) or write again to make sure that your application was received.

We’ll be in touch. Thanks!