The cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and people of the Marblehead Animal Shelter thank all their generous friends!

DonorIn Memory of / In Honor of
Janice KorpusikIn Memory of Cedric
Carolyn Curtin Winder In Loving Memory of Gretchen Fisher
Marlene Sabanty In Memory of Scampi and Lucky
Joan McCrory In Memory of Gretcen Fisher
Martha Norton In Memory of Gretchen Fisher
Judith Sylvester In Memory of Gretchen Fisher
Carol Haskell In Memory of Gretchen Fisher
Lois Fallon In Memory of Margaret Dancy
Elizabeth Dixey In Memory of Charlotte Homan
Elizabeth Dixey In Memory of Janis Monahan
Dana Denault In Honor of Dana’s Birthday
J. Michael Riordan In Memory of Max Riordan
Jane Wyman In Memory of Anne Brox
Sandra and Cliff Brown In Memory of Apple Blossom and Sweet Georgia Brown
Andrea McElroy In Memory of Gretchen Fisher
Morton Grosser In Honor of Jacob Abbisso's Bar Mitzvah
Rilda Parker In Memory of Mary Doane
Liz Michaud In Memory of Joe Phillips
John Butterworth In Memory of Joe Phillips
Jayne & Frank Gibbins In Memory of Anne Brox
Donald & Amy Leck In Memory of Eliza Caswell
Bergheim Pet Hospital & Clinic In Memory of Eliza Caswell
Irwin & Janice Cohen In Memory of Eliza Caswell
Arlene & Thomas Dacey In Memory of Eliza Caswell
Audrey Melanson In Memory of Eliza Caswell
Jennifer and David Buchanan In Memory of Eliza Caswell
Muriel and Eli Talkov In Memory of Eliza Caswell
Althea Paige In Memory of Carolyn Shannon
Harbor Auto In Memory of Eliza Caswell
Lynn Celli, Ph.D. In Memory of Isabel White
Rosemarie Carey In Memory of Joe Phillips
Kathleen Walker Happy Birthday to Lottie Welker
Becky McKennan Happy Birthday to Decland McKennan
Jody & Richard Saxe In Memory of Ann Ouellette
Don Kaplan In Memory of Lloyd Van Amburgh
Stacy Kilb Happy Birthday to Susan Sowers
Michael Shay In Memory of Samantha
Vija Brockhurst In Memory of Eliza Caswell
Liane IronsHappy Birthday K. Palmer
Beate LanagsdorfHappy Birthday to Dana Denault
Addy RobinsonIn Honor of Addy Robinson's 8th Birthday
Patricia MilnerIn Honor of Alex Bernstein's birthday
Cynthia StensrudIn Honor of all the kitties and cats that need homes
Clayton GrayIn Honor of Amy Thopson's Birthday
Jayne GibbinsIn Honor of Anne Brox's Birthday
Stephen Cooper and Penny RaynorIn Honor of Anne Roberts
L. Helena DenisIn Honor of Arnold
Mary Koval-SteevesIn Honor of Ashton
Stacey CottoIn Honor of Ashton
Thomas StirlingIn Honor of Ashton
Barbara and Tad HashianIn Honor of Ashton the Cat
The Saelim FamilyIn Honor of Ava's Birthday (Jacob Abbisso)
The Kerble FamilyIn Honor of Avery's Birthday (The Balloon Kid)
Barbara and Ted HashianIn Honor of Barney Pendlebury
Eleanor CashIn Honor of Becky, aka Mama Kitty
Pamela CashIn Honor of Becky, aka Mama Kitty
June ZieffIn Honor of Beth Willard
Amy ThompsonIn Honor of Brianna Moore's Birthday
Bridge Street ApartmentsIn Honor of Brianna Moore's Birthday
The Brown FamilyIn Honor of Brooke's Birthday (Jacob Abbisso)
Deborah & Peter FaddenIn Honor of Buddy's Birthday
Paula DarsneyIn Honor of Callie and Gwen
Paula DarsneyIn Honor of Callie's adoption day
Paula DarsneyIn Honor of Callie's Birthday
Jeffrey GrossIn Honor of Casey
Emily ManiscalcoIn Honor of Charlotte and Churchill
Eileen TrebbinIn Honor of Chloe
Stephanie MacLeodIn Honor of Chloe and Cooper
Caryl Beison-ElderIn Honor of Christine Koretz
William DavidgeIn Honor of Christine Koretz
Dorothy MurklandIn Honor of Connie & Bill Willis
Charles DenaultIn Honor of Connie Denault's Birthday
Mackie KernanIn Honor of Constance Denault's birthday
Gail SimesIn Honor of Crocket
Atomic CafeIn honor of Daisy Duke
Atomic Cafe EnterprisesIn Honor of Daisy Duke
Rebecca, John and Harrison DenaultIn Honor of Dana and Connie Denault
Dirk IsbrandtsenIn Honor of Diana's Birthday
Gerdy WeissIn Honor of Diane Treadwell with thanks.
Leslie ClaycombIn Honor of dog walkers, Personal Comforts and Just Paws
E. Russell Peach IVIn Honor of Dr. Jason Story and Dr. Leslie Siewko
Fred and Becky RobinsonIn Honor of Dr. Jeff Rockwell, Ruth Hanson and Linda H.
Dr. Sonya RapeeIn Honor of Dr. Jerry Zanni and Staff
Linda and Harvey GreenbergIn Honor of Eddie Snyder's 80th Birthday
The Goedkoop FamilyIn Honor of Eloise's Birthday (Jacob Abbisso)
The Wilder FamilyIn Honor of Erin's 2nd Birthday (The Balloon Kid)
Betty Bouchard & Steven CaronIn Honor of Foss (formerly Samson)
Gail KobialkaIn Honor of Frank and Elizabeth Merrill
Amy RenzIn Honor of Goodness Gracious and Pawsitively Marblehead
Michael PentaIn Honor of Harry, Dixie and Shadow
Ira and Judith RosenbergIn Honor of Harvey Greenberg's 75th Birthday
Karen and Steven SolomonIn Honor of Harvey Greenberg's 75th Birthday
Lori ShaneIn Honor of Harvey Greenberg's 75th Birthday
Sheila KrikorianIn Honor of Harvey Greenberg's 75th Birthday
Susan NellisIn Honor of Harvey Greenberg's 75th Birthday
Brant and Penny CarletonIn Honor of Jack and Zhou Zhou
Carol ForteIn Honor of Jackson and Lucy
Glover School PTOIn Honor of Jacob Abbisso
Hannah Kotz-OlszewskiIn Honor of Jacob Abbisso's 11th Birthday (and soap)
Patricia Diane PettinatoIn Honor of James Moineau's Birthday
Ellen KesslerIn Honor of Jeff, Jennifer and Sophie Williams
Barbara CianciIn Honor of Joan Nelson and Richard Green
Fraffie WelchIn Honor of Karyn and Gary Lang, their friendship and generosity
Cooper SherfIn Honor of Lilly Gindes birthday
Anne RobertsIn Honor of many friends
The Dean FamilyIn Honor of Matthew's 6th Birthday (Jacob Abbisso)
Melody WorthleyIn Honor of Nancy and Andrew Zaglin
David MillerIn Honor of Nancy J. Miller, for Orrie
Wendy PhillipsIn Honor of Oslo & Freja
Jeffry FowleyIn Honor of Personal Comforts and Just Paws
Debra RodgersIn honor of Red and Finn and in Memory of Charlie Mac Kitty
Linda GreenbergIn Honor of Richard Bane
Karne FanaleIn Honor of Roberto, adopted 2008
Christine KoretzIn Honor of Sue & Chuck Schwalm
Mary O'BrienIn Honor of Sue's Birthday
Michael J. BurkeIn Honor of the Little Black Kitten (Ashton)
Kathleen and Joe DunnIn Honor of the Volunteers at F.o.M.A.A.
Michael, Sam and Sully BurkeIn Honor of the work the volunteers do every day
Ann MaloneIn Honor of Trudy, Bridget and Fiona and all the cats I've adopted from your shelter
Susan SteinbergIn Honor of Wendy Vernava
The Goedkoop FamilyIn Honor of William's Birthday (The Balloon Kid)
Brant CarletonIn Honor of Zhou Zhou and Jack
Alex BernsteinIn Lieu of birthday gifts
Jessie ZuberekIn Loving memory of Ernie
Melinda GrosserIn Memory a very sweet dog named Cody
Marsha CugnoIn Memory of Bo
Patty ChurchillIn Memory of Sonny Isbrandtsen
Tracey AndersonIn Memory of Sonny Isbrandtson
Sharon CohenIn Memory of Abby, beloved sweet cat
Gayle and Doug PerryIn Memory of Abigail Perry
Marsha CugnoIn Memory of all the pets and shelter animals that have passed on this year. . .
Roberta SmithIn Memory of Andra
Norma ColbyIn Memory of Andrew Colby
Jody & Richard SaxeIn Memory of Ann Ouellette
Nancy BlouinIn Memory of Anne Bradley Gooch
Sandra BrownIn Memory of Apple Blossom 1950–1966
Lucinda EverettIn Memory of Arthur
The Hains FamilyIn Memory of Aslen Hains
Colleen FoleyIn Memory of Baby Kitty
Cynthia StensrudIn Memory of Barbara (Muffin) Paine
Deborah DeWolfeIn Memory of Barbara Crockett
Barbara RoyIn Memory of Barbara Lake
Claire and Henry DembowskiIn Memory of Barbara Lake
David TimberlakeIn Memory of Barbara Lake
Fred ChapmanIn Memory of Barbara Lake
Robert GunnIn Memory of Barbara Lake
Sarah and James MellenIn Memory of Barbara Lake
Debra & David FayIn Memory of Barbara Paine
Diana LoganIn Memory of Barbara Paine
Helen DykesIn Memory of Barbara Paine
Jane WetsonIn Memory of Barbara Paine
Richard NelsonIn Memory of Barbara Paine
Richard PhelanIn Memory of Barbara Paine
Robert Vick & AssociatesIn Memory of Barbara Paine
Linda & Harvey GreenbergIn Memory of Barbara Scheffler
Dr. Gary ReiserIn Memory of Beloved cat Benny
Marblehead Pet SupplyIn Memory of beloved pet Shadow
Marblehead Pet SupplyIn Memory of beloved pet Tug
Marblehead Pet SupplyIn Memory of beloved pet Woody
Marlene SabantyIn Memory of Ben O'Neil
Betsy TaylorIn Memory of Betsy Cooke McBride
Alice WinstonIn Memory of Betty (K9)
Eugenia GuastaferriIn Memory of Beverly Ward
Florence ColangeloIn Memory of Beverly Ward
Karen EricksonIn Memory of Beverly Ward
Kathleen NavinIn Memory of Beverly Ward
Lynn and Richard KatzIn Memory of Beverly Ward
Mass Commission Against DiscriminationIn Memory of Beverly Ward
Connie & Bill WillisIn Memory of Bill Clarke
June SolaquaIn Memory of Bonnell Jendras
Susan AckermanIn Memory of Bonnell Jendras
Judith CorvinoIn Memory of Bonnell Jendros
Charles RockwellIn Memory of Boo-Boo
John and Jeanne KleeneIn Memory of Bruce and in Honor of the volunteers, especially Katie
Margo SteinerIn Memory of Bubba Underwood
Melinda GrosserIn Memory of Cali
Laurence and Nancy ProulxIn Memory of Carl Pierce
Pru Garniss GarnissIn Memory of Carol Barry (Petsmart G.C.)
June ReedIn Memory of Carol Thompson
Daniel FitzgeraldIn Memory of Carolyn Thompson
Linda SymmesIn Memory of Carolyn Thompson
Michelle Mewhinney-AngelIn Memory of Carolyn Thompson
Robert and Julie SullivanIn Memory of Carolyn Thompson
Lee RosenvoldIn Memory of Cecil
Gerry No. 5 VFA Inc.In Memory of Charlotte Homan
Joseph and Marlene HomanIn Memory of Charlotte Homan
June and Edward KnoxIn Memory of Charlotte Homan
Mary WilliamsIn Memory of Charlotte Homan
Mary-Ann FlachbartIn Memory of Charlotte Homan
Ms. Cheryl MatthewsIn Memory of Charlotte Homan
Richard NelsonIn Memory of Charlotte Homan
Salem Lodge No. 218 Loyal Order of MooseIn Memory of Charlotte Homan
White Oak AssociatesIn Memory of Charlotte Homan
Barbara MyersIn Memory of Cheryl Baker Parker
Linda MillerIn Memory of Chickie Homan
Patrons Rip TideIn Memory of Chris Pruyn
Arlene and Randy CraigIn Memory of Christopher Pruyn
Carolyn StantonIn Memory of Christopher Pruyn
Carolyn StantonIn Memory of Christopher Pruyn
Eastport Real Estate ServicesIn Memory of Christopher Pruyn
Mary PruynIn Memory of Christopher Pruyn
Mary PruynIn Memory of Christopher Pruyn
Patricia GriffithIn Memory of Christopher Pruyn
Wendy VernavaIn Memory of Christopher Pruyn
Lynn SchlossbergIn Memory of Cleo
Katie and Adrian Van DorpeIn Memory of Col. David A. West
Sharon WeaverIn Memory of Col. David A. West
Connie WillisIn Memory of Col. David West
Lee and Barry WeedIn Memory of Col. David West
Maria O'BrienIn Memory of Cooper Zarelli
Karen NicholsIn Memory of Crescent Nichols
Connie & Bill WillisIn Memory of Daisy
H & H ManagementIn Memory of Daisy
Victoria KelleyIn Memory of Danny
Mary KingIn Memory of Dara
Andrea Connor SouterIn Memory of David Burke
Ann CliffordIn Memory of David Burke
Shirley KingIn Memory of Delphi
Carol FallonIn Memory of Dennis
Connie & Bill WillisIn Memory of Donald Barnaby
Holly Shay and Richard ScuzzarellaIn Memory of Donald Mettauer
Jane BaldridgeIn Memory of Donald Mettauer
Marie ThybergIn Memory of Donald Mettauer
Vincent & Natalie CerquitellaIn Memory of Donald Mettauer
Lynn KatzIn Memory of Dr. & Mrs. Leo Lieberman DVM
Lynn KatzIn Memory of Dr. Dianne Lieberman DVM
Lynn KatzIn Memory of Dr. Leo Lieberman, DVM and Hazel Lieberman R.N.
Ginger & David ZellerIn Memory of Ebony Winston
Connie & Bill WillisIn Memory of Ed Johnson
Connie WillisIn Memory of Emily Consigli
Jane WymanIn Memory of Emily Consigli
Ken and Tracey AndersonIn Memory of Emmalou
Jessie ZuberekIn Memory of Ernie
Wendy PhillipsIn Memory of Eva Theriault, Babe Kelley, Barbara Paine
Elizabeth and Jay HeiserIn Memory of Ginger
Jeanne BartlettIn Memory of Ginny Boggis
Lisa LoudenIn Memory of Ginny Boggis
Elizabeth WillardIn Memory of Hannah
Brian HitchcockIn Memory of Harold Persons
Elizabeth WillardIn Memory of Heather
Mary McDonoughIn Memory of Holly
Julie SullivanIn Memory of Hooch Peach
Karen ThrasherIn memory of Inkie, Fanny B and Iris
Linda MichalskiIn Memory of Jake
Marsha CugnoIn Memory of Jake Armstrong
Nancy BrownIn Memory of Janet Shamish
Marlene SabantyIn Memory of Jasmin
Marsha CugnoIn Memory of Jasmin
Eleanor FeuerIn Memory of Jean Pitman
Marian Graves TrustIn Memory of Jean Pitman
Eva BaronIn Memory of Jeanie
Barbara BuswellIn Memory of Joan Batchelder
Janet RattrayIn Memory of Joan Batchelder
Jeannine Heisey and Chuck O'NeilIn Memory of Joan Batchelder
John and Sandra TarrIn Memory of Joan Batchelder
Merel and Christopher MonacoIn Memory of Joan Batchelder
Nancy and Paul HeiseyIN Memory of Joan Batchelder
Robert and Elaine CookIn Memory of Joan Batchelder
The Mason FamilyIn Memory of Joan Batchelder
Pamela PerkinsIn Memory of Joan Blake Batchelder
Joyce ThibodeauIn Memory of Joan Reagan
Walter HaugIn Memory of Joanne
Deborah DeWolfeIn Memory of Joe Havertty
Carol ForteIn Memory of John J. White
Ann Fleming FlynnIn Memory of Joy Ward
George Harrington, Jr.In Memory of Joy Ward
J.B. MolaIn Memory of Joy Ward
James RodgersIn Memory of Joy Ward
Lester PunchardIn Memory of Joy Ward
Nancy HortonIn Memory of Joy Ward
Richard Nelsonin Memory of Joy Ward
Robert Vick & AssociatesIn Memory of Joy Ward
Paul Phillips and Dr. Cynthia PhillipsIn Memory of Joy Ward and Lucille Drennan
Joel HamlinIn Memory of Kona
Marsha CugnoIn Memory of Leo Legault
Marsha CugnoIn Memory of Lilly Lord
Tory KelleyIn Memory of Lily
Nancy BlouinIn Memory of Lisa Millar's Dad
Linda and Harvey GreenbergIn Memory of Lisa Spinale's sister
Mary CarterIn Memory of Lizzie
Donna PasqualeIn Memory of Lloyd Van Amburgh
Joy GoldsteinIn Memory of Lloyd Van Amburgh
Leslie LambIn Memory of Lloyd Van Amburgh
Rose BoghosIn Memory of Lloyd Van Amburgh
Don and Elaine FinegoldIn Memory of Lloyd VanAmburgh
Sharon & Howard TripolskyIn Memory of Lloyd VanAmburgh
Jennifer ArmimiIn Memory of Loolie Robinson
Wardi RizkIn Memory of Louise Rizk
Marjorie OrneIn Memory of Lucille Drennan
Pat and Irwin CohenIn Memory of Lucille Drennan
Sheri ShattuckIn Memory of Lucille Drennan
Ronald ScheffIn Memory of Lucky Philpott
Jean TurdikIn Memory of Lyric and Justice
Faith and Steve QuinteroIn Memory of Maggie
James NewhallIn Memory of Maggie (age 21)
Francie GrynkrautIn Memory of Maggie Gregory
Anne RemmingtonIn Memory of Magic
Constance DenaultIn Memory of Marina
Cynthia Tower-LoewenIn Memory of Marjorie Haverty
Marjorie Campbell and Norma DaneIn Memory of Mary Dane
Norma Dane and Marjorie CampbellIn Memory of Mary Dane
Norma Dane and Marjorie CampbellIn Memory of Mary Dane
Kavita HuntIn Memory of Mary Doane
Rilda SeletzIn Memory of Mary Doane
Julia ChristoIn Memory of Mary Ellen Bassett
Sandra BrownIn Memory of Matha, Dinah, Cougar (Mr. Bean) from Mr. Fluffy
Julie SullivanIn Memory of Maxi McCloskey
Kelly, Rick, Carlee, Cam & Chloe PickeringIn Memory of Michael Louden
Lisa LoudenIn Memory of Michael Louden
Lisanne LoudenIn Memory of Michael Louden
The Pickering FamilyIn Memory of Michael Louden
The Pickering FamilyIn Memory of Michael Louden
Deborah DeWolfeIn Memory of Milo
Diana LoganIn Memory of Milo and Nicki
Dorothy BergmanIn Memory of Minnie
Connie WillisIn Memory of Miss Kitty (age 19)
Kristin RudeIn Memory of Moxie
June ReedIn Memory of Muriel Hammer
Faith QuinteroIn Memory of Nala
Patricia BurnettIn Memory of Nancei Raficchi
Cathie and Anthony SpinelliIn Memory of Nero
Michelle SilviIn Memory of Noble
Rosemarie CareyIn Memory of Nomar
BrownRudnickIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Charlotte HomanIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Danien and MichaelIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Deborah JohnsonIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Edwin PeaseIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Gail CarpinielloIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Howard SiegelIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Jennifer Recht and Jane TavaresIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Kathleen RovnakIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Kristin CiceroneIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Nancy WilskerIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Rhonda MarshallIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Stephen PowersIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Sunni BevilleIn Memory of Norma McCormack
Connie WillisIn Memory of Norman Epstein
Tracey AndersonIn Memory of Oakley Knight
Pamela HoodIn Memory of Paula Orendorf's sister, Susan
Philip & Wendy KochIn Memory of Poult and Libby
Fraffie WelchIn Memory of Primo Sasso
Marsha CugnoIn Memory of Princey Snow
Anne Foley BroxIn Memory of Pumpkin
Karen ThrasherIn Memory of Quincy
Deborah DeWolfeIn Memory of Richard Arnold
David and Linda GreenseidIn Memory of Rocky
Connie and Dana DenaultIn Memory of Roland
Victoria KelleyIn Memory of Rory
Alice MadioIn Memory of Ryan
Tom and Letitia BeauregardIn Memory of Sadie Beauregard
Constance FoleyIn Memory of Salem and Shamrock
Louise HaleyIn Memory of Sam
Debra Karas DarlandIn Memory of Sam and Lilly
Debra Karas DearlandIn Memory of Sam and Lilly
Michael ShayIn Memory of Samantha
Connie WillisIn Memory of Sassy Van Dorpe
Elizabeth WillardIn Memory of Seamus
Margo SteinerIn Memory of Seamus Kelley
Maria O'BrienIn Memory of Seamus Kelley
Deborah DeWolfeIn Memory of Sherman Eldredge
Susan StirlingIn Memory of Sid
Norma and Kathleen McCormackIn Memory of Simbah Tucker
Wendy PhillipsIn Memory of SpauldingGyer and Monty Charbonair
Morton GrosserIn Memory of Sylvia Weisberg
John and Tory KelleyIn Memory of Tawdry Audrey
Connie WillisIn Memory of Ted McGinnis
Lynn KatzIn Memory of the Gingle's dog
David and Becky SuessIn Memory of Tigger
Jane WymanIn Memory of Tigger Suess
Lianne SchrammIn Memory of Tom Fadden
Eileen TrebbinIn Memory of Trooper
Linda & Harvey GreenbergIn Memory of Veeder Nellis
Tami BaneIn Memory of Veeder Nellis
Pamela HoodIn Memory of Veronica Sullivan
Cathy PierceIn Memory of Vickie
Janice DunphyIn Memory of Vickie
Barbara TaylorIn Memory of Virginia Boggis
Col. Thomas and Peggy HansenIn Memory of Virginia Boggis
Dr. Keith Taylorin Memory of Virginia Boggis
Gerry No. 5 VFA, Inc.In Memory of Virginia Boggis
Kenneth and Anne FosterIn Memory of Virginia Boggis
Stephen CaponeIn Memory of Virginia Boggis
Margaret NewhallIn Memory of Virginia Catania
Connie WillisMerry Christmas to Katie and Adrian
The Sung FamilyIn Honor of AnnaClare's First Communion (Jacob Abbisso)
Donna DelaneyThank you to Laura and Dede